6 Step Guide to Free your mind, find peace and motivation.
Your 6 step guide will help you to
 - Uncover hidden fears and limiting beliefs
- Declutter your thoughts, beliefs, and fears from your mind
- Release and begin to heal by using the power forgiveness.

These are the steps I personally used to feel more peaceful, motivated and free.
To begin to enjoy the journey again. 

You have been assigned these moutains to show others they can be moved.

Meet Johanna Burkhardt.

Johanna, The Soul's Shaman specializes in shifting your vibration and igniting your light. Our Energy and vibration is everything, let's shift it, transmute it and raise it up!
After being brought to her knees in 2015, she decided that living in a fear based mindset was no longer serving her. She made the choice to face it head on, and embark on a healing journey that would forever transform her life and awaken her soul to the freedom she had always desired.
On this journey, she answered the call to light the way for others who are ready to to do the same. 
We are all here for a reason. Our greatness awaits. All we need to do is be willing. Ignite your light and be the lighthouse. 

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